The Issue

CODE2040 aims to close the achievement, wealth, and skills gaps for Blacks and Latinos in the United States by creating access, awareness, and opportunities in technology and engineering. The following facts motivate us to close this gap.

Want the latest stats on the issue CODE2040 is addressing? Check out the Tech's Big Opportunity Gap Infographic.

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs are the fastest-growing category of jobs in the United States, and 70% of those jobs involve computing.
  • Computer science jobs command some of the highest starting salaries in the US: $77,000 per year -- about twice the median household income of a Black or Latino family.
  • The unemployment rate for STEM workers is lower than for all workers; the unemployment rate for African-Americans and Latinos is 3x the nationwide rate.
  • Software developers are in demand: at the current rate we are graduating computer scientists, there will be 1MM software jobs unfilled by 2020. 
  • Fewer than 4% of Black and Latino students study computer science and only 1 in 14 technical employees in the tech hub of Silicon Valley is Black or Latino.
  • The US will be majority-minority in the year 2040, and 42% of the country will be Black or Latino.

We need Blacks and Latinos to enter the tech workforce at a greater rate, and to stay and succeed there as engineers, technologists, thought leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

It's economics and social justice.

What We're Doing

Our strategy is simple: provide pathways to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in technology for underrepresented minorities with a particular focus on Blacks and Latino/as. We do this through the core programming listed below, and are working on ways to expand our impact every day.

The CODE2040 Fellows Program
CODE2040's flagship program is our summer Fellows Program which places high performing Black and Latino/a software engineering students in internships with top tech companies and provides mentorship, leadership training, and network development. The Fellows Program started in the Bay Area in 2012 with a pilot class of 5 Fellows, returned for a second summer in 2013 with 18 Fellows, and expanded again to 25 Fellows in 2014.

The Fellows Program is designed to accelerate students' success, fast-tracking them to becoming tech leaders. We place heavy emphasis on paying it forward. Our Fellows will be the mentors, role models, and beacons of light for underrepresented students coming after them, inspiring a new generation to pursue technology by demonstrating that it is a viable option for "people who look like me." Our alumni programming supports our Fellows in this quest and the pursuit of becoming tech leaders. Applications for the 2015 summer are now open at

"I am literally at the epicenter of where technological disruption occurs."

- Kwadwo Nyarko, 2013 Alumnus - Lark Technologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Applicant Playbook

Many applicants fall out of the pipeline due to a lack of preparedness. CODE2040 ensures that the application process is as transparent and easy to navigate as possible with our Applicant Playbook. This resource will help all applicants navigate the tech internship application process with tips, advice and tools on how to craft a stand out application. 

Our Reception

“Diversity and innovation go hand in hand, in my opinion; you can’t have one without the other,” Arrillaga-Andreessen told USA Today.

Marc Andreessen Aims to Solve Tech's Diversity Problem with $500,000 Donation, FORBES

“We want to make sure we are thinking about not just how we get students’ foot in the door, but how do we get them to the level where they are running companies and founding companies,” Powers said.

Andreessen Puts Spotlight on Tech Diversity With $500,000 in Grants, WSJ.D

“The groundwork that we as an organization will lay over the coming year will have a huge impact on the students and on how they think of themselves as being part of the Silicon Valley network and ecosystem,” Powers said.

Marc Andreessen gives $500,000 to diversify high tech, USATODAY

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